[CES 2022] Hutech’s Massage Chair, With Innovative Technology ‘Sonic Wave Presents the Future Direction of the Mobility Industry – PRNewswire

[CES 2022] Hutech’s Massage Chair, With Innovative Technology ‘Sonic Wave Presents the Future Direction of the Mobility Industry – PRNewswire

By using these recent achievement as a cornerstone, HUTECH plans to push forward the overseas business with it’s unique ‘Sonic wave massage’ technology.

CES 2022, which will be held in Las Vegas, USA in January, is hosted by the US Consumer Technology Association and is expected to be the world’s largest with 4,500 companies and institutions from 160 countries participating. With this opportunity, Hutech once again will show its sonic vibration technology to the world stage.

One of Hutech’s core technologies, the “Sonic Wave Massage System” is Hutech’s massage technology that applies a sonic vibration magnetic circuit to a massage system. This technology was started by a strategic cooperation with Evosonics, a professional sonic vibration health care group.

Technologies introduced at CES 2022 include 1) sonic wave massage chair 2) sonic wave car seat 3) sonic wave foot massager 4) sonic wave stretching mat. In particular, at CES 2022, by introducing the sonic wave car seat, Hutech plans to show vision and reveal its technology as a mobility oriented corporation, a first in the massage chair industry.

The mobility market, which is a new business, is considered an industry that can create new value through heterogeneous businesses such as connected technology and electrification platforms that go beyond simple means of transportation. Hutech plans to draw the attention of overseas buyers by suggesting the direction of future development of the mobility industry, which has infinite growth potential, led by next-generation technology and safety.

Hutech’s sonic wave car seat exterior was inspired by the “sonic wave on massage system” in the hope that the customer’s moving space becomes a complete resting space beyond merely a means of transportation and actualized the soft and organic waveform of sonic vibrations.

In addition, the finely segmented ergonomic design provides a comfortable seating experience with adjustable seat positions such as forward/backward, up/down, headrest, and leg support to suit the user’s body.

A sonic wave massage system is installed on the car seat, especially for the back, and the frequency (Hz) optimized for massage delivers sonic wave to the depths of the muscles through six different sonic vibration massage modules, providing an advanced level of massage comfort.

The key to mobility massage through sonic wave, rather than the conventional tapping massage module method, is safety. The “sonic wave massage system” that delivers deep massage to muscles just by touching the skin, provides the best massage solution in a mobility environment where safety is a top priority.

In addition, it provides a higher level of relaxation through “Music Sync Massage Technology,” which combines sonic wave massage and music. Music sync massage technology is Hutech’s new concept where music becomes part of a massage, not just passively listening to music.

Previously, Hutech showed the potential for market expansion of the massage chair industry by applying a foot massager that combines professional massage technology to a vehicle for the first time in Korea.

In the case of automotive devices, development is difficult in that industry because of having to meet the strict safety standards. The industry is experiencing many difficulties in development, so …….

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