How To Do Lymphatic Massage For Face At Home With Only 5 Steps – The Zoe Report

How To Do Lymphatic Massage For Face At Home With Only 5 Steps – The Zoe Report

If you’re looking for simple ways to lift and define your cheekbones, it’s high time to incorporate facial massage into your skin care routine. Lymphatic massage for face, a practice originated from China, stimulates skin circulation through massage, oils, and tools to drain the lymphatic system. “Facial massage is the perfect way to prevent premature aging because it helps tighten muscles, boost circulation, and give your face an overall lift,” says Karina Sulzer, esthetician and founder of Skin Gym and Skin Camp.

Whether done at-home or in-office by an esthetician, “the emphasis is on clearing stress, studying the movements our emotions omit on the face, blockages, and lymphatic movement,” says Nichelle Temple, licensed esthetician and founder of Inderma Studio. “Unlike the heart, which pumps our blood without our active participation, the lymphatic system responds well to us helping the lymph flow out of areas of stagnation. Which can be seen on the face in puffy eyes, jawline sagging, and congestion.” Facial massages will allow the skin to function better, while improving the tone and tautness of the face. It’s not so much changing the shape of your face (read: contouring) as removing what’s in the way (excess fluid).

The best part? It is shockingly simple and takes just a few minutes, so you can easily incorporate it into your at-home daily routine. Ahead, read on for all the expert-approved intel on how to lift and define your cheekbones at home with a lymphatic face massage.

How Does Lymphatic Face Massage Work?

According to Inge Theron, founder of Face Gym, “repetitive movement to the face will firm and tone muscles while providing oxygen and energy for optimal muscle health.” The gentle yet firm pressure across acupressure points will accentuate blood flow and help regenerate skin cells — creating a tone and lifted effect.

Put simply, facial massage paired with facial exercises and tools will increase the collagen and elastin in the face — the natural plumping agents for firmer skin. “Proper lymphatic drainage will reduce puffiness, move stagnation, and boost your skin with a healthy glow,” says Temple. “Sculpting face massage can help achieve a smoother texture (think: minimizing fine lines). Plus, when your muscles are relaxed, they won’t contract into tensed wrinkles.”

According to Taylor Worden, celebrity esthetician and founder of Taylor Worden Skin, other benefits include: reduced puffiness in eye area, natural glow, better penetration of skin products, and better blood circulation.

The best part, you only need about 5-10 minutes a day to see results. But keep in mind, sculpting results don’t last forever and consistency will be paramount to real benefits. “The key to getting the most out of facial massage is consistency. Just like you won’t get a 6-pack from doing three sit ups, it’s the same with your face,” Theron tells TZR.

Step 1: Double Cleanse The Skin

Celebrity esthetician Joshua Ross of SkinLab recommends always starting with clean skin by doing a double cleanse. “On dry skin apply a makeup removing oil based cleanser like SeSpring Cleanse It Out Foaming Oil Cleanser and then move on to a foaming or gel based cleanser like SeSpring Cleanse It Out Gel Cleanser.” Double cleansing will remove dirt, oil, …….