Victims’ testimony: how Ghislaine Maxwell lured girls into Epstein’s orbit – The Guardian

Victims’ testimony: how Ghislaine Maxwell lured girls into Epstein’s orbit – The Guardian

Four of Ghislaine Maxwell’s accusers testified against the British socialite at her Manhattan federal court trial, painting a compelling and powerful story of sexual abuse.

These women – Jane, Kate, Carolyn and Annie Farmer – all testified they met Maxwell as teens, and that she lured them into Jeffrey Epstein’s orbit. While the dates and exact circumstances of their encounters with Maxwell differ, they all share striking similarities. Only Farmer used her real full name.

These four women all describe being vulnerable when they met Maxwell, such as suffering financial precarity or strained family relationships. They said that Maxwell made them feel comfortable before Epstein’s misconduct and that she made them feel special by asking questions about their lives. She served as a reassuring presence that tempered concerns or suspicions about Epstein.

They all said that Maxwell was involved in Epstein’s abuse or misconduct. Three said that Maxwell coordinated their appointments with Epstein. Three said that Maxwell touched them. They all described Maxwell as working to satisfy Epstein’s physical needs. Accusers’ testimony portrayed Maxwell as an enabler and, in some instances, an enthusiastic participant.

Here are their stories:


In summer 1994, Jane met Maxwell at Interlochen Center for the Arts youth camp in Michigan. Jane, then 14, was eating ice cream with her friends when a woman “walking a cute little Yorkie” dog – Maxwell – approached. They started chatting and eventually a man, Epstein, joined them.

They were interested in her time at Interlochen, telling Jane that they provided children scholarships. They learned Jane was from Palm Beach and asked for her mother’s phone number. Jane gave them her contact information and, after she returned from camp, they called to invite her and her mom for tea.

After that initial tea, Jane started spending time with Epstein every week or two. Epstein first abused Jane when she was 14. Jane said that there were sexual encounters with Epstein for the next three years, around every two weeks.

Sometimes, Maxwell was in the room during this sexual abuse. There were occasions when Maxwell touched Jane’s breasts, she testified. “There were hands everywhere,” Jane recalled of an encounter with Epstein and Maxwell.


The second accuser to testify, Kate said that she met Maxwell around 1994, in Paris. Kate found Maxwell to be “very sophisticated and very elegant” and gave the British socialite her phone number. Kate testified that Maxwell invited her for tea. During this meeting, Maxwell gushed about “her boyfriend”, Epstein.

Not long after their tea at Maxwell’s London townhouse, she called Kate and told her that Epstein was there, would she be able to come by and meet him? When she arrived, Maxwell told Epstein that Kate was “very strong” and told the teen, “Why don’t you give his feet a little squeeze to show him how strong you are?”

She did so and “he seemed to be very approving and said, ‘Go ahead, you can do my shoulders.’” Epstein …….